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Carbon black is a basic raw material being used for tire manufacturing [around 60 % of total global consumption] and all other rubber products. It is also used in many other industries, including pigments for paints and polymer filler materials. This results in the consumption of millions of tons of valuable, non-renewable natural resources in the form of oil and natural gas.
Current rubber recycling systems focus mainly on maximum oil recovery forgetting that more than 30% of rubber pyrolysis is the contaminated carbon black.

Rubber pyrolysis technology providers offer only a simple process of contaminated carbon black and recovery of steel scrap only. Contaminated pyrolytic carbon black contains virtually all chemical ingredients used in the rubber manufacturing process and therefore can be used at most as a fuel for furnace firing or as an admixture in concrete. A small amount can be added to the rubber of low quality parameters such as lining pathways, rubber.

So far, there was no technology for treatment of contaminated pyrolytic carbon black to carbon black parameters. The problem that has remained unsolved until recently, been removal of mineral inclusions (about 20% by weight) of coal and mineral origin and obtaining a material with a minimum content of dust.

Carbon Black Solutions team developed the first on the market (2 filed patents’ pending) technology for the treatment of contaminated carbon black. The study showed that the purity of pyrolytic carbon black subjected to a purification process corresponds to the purity of the carbon black supplied by the manufacturers of technical carbon black. Carbon black received in CBS technology meets the requirements of standards and can be used in the production of rubber, plastics and paints.


How it’s working?

Depending on the source of contaminated carbon black – that is, the method of pyrolysis of rubber applied – CBS method allows to recover 50-60% of carbon black. The purified carbon black can be reused for the production. Inorganic concentrate [9] content may be up to 40% of impurities remaining after the removal of waste steel [10-15%]. This concentrate is also a valuable chemical feedstock.

Why is it worth?

If you are a buyer of carbon black: carbon black produced in the CBS technology is more than 30% cheaper than the one you are buying now.

If you have a pyrolysis plant: production of pure carbon black repeatedly raise the profitability of your investment.

Think also about the nature – 1 ton of recovered carbon black reduces CO2 emissions at a level of about 1,6-2 tons

We have created a team that from the very beginning developed the CBS technology.
It is composed of people having proven solutions patents, utility and industrial models, some of which have already been implemented in industrial practice.

  • Mineralogist, one of the best specialists in Poland from the problems of separation.
  • Chemist for many years engaged in production of high-quality pigments for the most demanding cosmetics industry.
  • With an internal team of specialists responsible for the development of the project at every stage, we are able to completely control the research, technology and production process.

Are you interested in the installation for carbon black cleaning? Do you have any questions?

Write to us: biuro@carbonblack.solutions

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